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Gas Sod Cutter

<p>The “gold standard” in sod cutting for more than 70<br /> years, the Jr. Sod Cutter now touts 75% less Vibration<br /> Updated to improve the operator’s experience, the Jr. Sod Cutter<br /> sports a new, more user-friendly control panel with instructional<br /> decal; color coded levers and controls to simplify operation; Ultra-Low<br /> Vibration Technology that reduces hand/arm vibration by 75%; and<br /> Easy Steer Technology for easy maneuvering. A pneumatic rear castor<br /> wheel with lockout allows curved landscape cutting with unmatched<br /> precision. A true workhorse, the Jr. Sod Cutter packs the speed,<br /> convenience and reliability you’ve come to expect from Ryan.</p>

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