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<h3><strong>Honda Water Pump Generator WL30XH – General Information:</strong></h3> <p>Powerful Honda water pump comes with better design and top performance. Honda GX-T engine ensures easy starting, easy usage, outstanding fuel economy, low emission and long-lasting durability as well as compact designs.</p> <h3 class="product-name"><strong>Honda Water Pump Generator WL30XH – Key Features:</strong></h3> <div class="product-name"> <ul> <li>Type Self priming, suction pump</li> <li>Suction aperture 80 mm (3 Inch)</li> <li>Discharge aperture 80 mm (3 Inch)</li> <li>Total head lift (Max.) 28 m</li> <li>Suction head lift (Max.) 8 m</li> <li>Maximum discharge capacity 1100 l/min</li> <li>Self feed time 150 sec./ 5 m</li> <li>Engine type 4-stroke, overhead valve single cylinder, inclined by 250</li> <li>Displacement 163 cm3</li> <li>Bore and Stroke 68.0 x 45.0 mm</li> <li>Compression ratio</li> <li>Net Power (SAE J1349)* 3.6kW (4.8 HP)/3600 min-1 rpm</li> <li>Max. Net Torque (SAE J1349)* 10.3 N.m (1.05 kgf.m, 7.6 lbf.ft)/2500 min-1 rpm</li> <li>Fuel consumption 1.5 l /h</li> <li>Fuel tank capacity 3.1 l</li> <li>Fuel used Unleaded Gasoline (Oktan 86 or higher)</li> <li>Oil capacity 0.58 l</li> <li>Air cleaner Semi dry type</li> </ul> </div>

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