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Scaffold Outrigger

<p class="hdca-p-vertical--x-small hdca-text-body--small">The Outriggers for Exterior Scaffold are designed to provide additional stability for higher elevations. These outriggers attach to the scaffold frame with two bolt-on clamps. Since a scaffold tower cannot be higher than three times its narrowest width, you can use outriggers to widen the base of a scaffold structure for greater stability and increased height.</p> <section id="productFeature" class="hdca-list hdca-list--is-bulleted hdca-list--small-text"> <ol class="hdca-list__list"> <li class="hdca-list__list-item">High-performance steel and heavy-duty welds create a solid and secure piece</li> </ol> <ol class="hdca-list__list"> <li class="hdca-list__list-item">Widens the base of a scaffold structure to increase stability and height</li> </ol> <ol class="hdca-list__list"> <li class="hdca-list__list-item">Works with any standard or arched scaffold frames</li> </ol> <ol class="hdca-list__list"> <li class="hdca-list__list-item">Anti-slip, baked-on, blue powder-coated textured finish for maximum corrosion resistance</li> </ol> <ol class="hdca-list__list"> <li class="hdca-list__list-item">Attaches to the scaffold frame with two heavy-duty, bolt-on clamps</li> </ol> <ol class="hdca-list__list"> <li class="hdca-list__list-item">Meets ANSI, CSA and OSHA requirements for safety</li> </ol> </section>

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